Sunday, May 6, 2012

Gubble gubble gubble

     "Bending over her he saw her languid, almost rotting beauty fall away. Yellow cracks spread through her teeth, and the teeth split and sank into her gums, which in turn became green and dry like leather, and then she coughed and spat up into his face quantities of dust. The Gubbler had gotten her, he
PKD reading Blade Runner article
Photo courtesy of Philip K. Dick Trust
     "Her eyes fused over, opaque, and from behind one eye the lashes became the furry, probing feet of a thick-haired insect stuck back there wanting to get out. Its tiny pin-head red eye peeped past the loose rim of her unseeing eye, and then withdrew; after that the insect squirmed, making the dead eye of the woman bulge, and then, for an instant, the insect peered through the lens of her eye, looked this way and that, saw him but was unable to make out who or what he was; it could not fully make use of the decayed mechanism behind which it lived....
     "The dead mouth twitched and then from deep inside at the bottom of the pipe which was the throat a voice muttered, 'You weren't fast enough.' And then the head fell off entirely, leaving the white pointed stick-like end of the neck projecting.
Martian Time-Slip, Philip K. Dick

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