Friday, February 19, 2010

Chickens in Love

A whole lot of 826LA students with a whole hen house full of volunteers and The Submarines, perform Chickens in Love, a song they wrote at "Songwriting with The Submarines"— a workshop sponsored by 826LA where children learn about music and how lyrics are created by working with professional Los Angeles musicians. Two workshops were held this December. Musicians Michael (Frankel), Heather (Kissing Cousins), Sean (Nico Stai), Blake and John (The Submarines), Eli (The Monolators), Ken (Hexham Heads) and 826LA volunteers worked with 24 kids to help them create their own songs.

The kids broke out into 12 groups, each paired with a musician and/or volunteer. Each group came up with a subject and wrote a song with multiple verses and a chorus. The groups had an hour to get creative, write the lyrics, develop a melody, and then perform it for the other workshop participants.You can see/hear these songs as performed at Vote for the one(s) you like best in a fund raiser for 826LA.

These 12 songs have been distributed among 12 LA based bands to cover the songs. Each artist is donating their time to create a project like no other. The artists involved are:
– Fiona Apple
– She & Him
– Cold War Kids
– Tim & Eric
– Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros
– Dum Dum Girls
– Summer Darling
– The Growlers
– Crystal Antlers
– The Happy Hollows
– The Submarines
– The Pity Party

Each artist/band is allowed to get as creative with their version as they want so long as they don’t change the lyrics. These 12 songs will appear this Spring on a Limited Edition LP and CD as well as a digital download on iTunes. All proceeds from these sales will go right back into the program that provides these kinds of opportunities for children.

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