Monday, December 7, 2009

Gabriel Prokofiev

Not your grandad's Prokofiev. Want to hear what it sounds like?  Of course you do.

<a href="">INTRODUCTION 'Grime Eye' - 140bpm by Nonclassical Records</a>

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ADA said...

Interesting. I wonder about the use of tempo markings; some movements list beats per minute and others the latin markings. I suppose this is one of the differences between classical and non, the metronomic regiment of hip-hop vs. the ebb and flow of classical, so I wonder how they determined their approaches to tempo.
I love the mash-up. One of my favorite vituoso turn-table pieces is Battlestar Scralatchtica on the Incubus album Make Yourself. Another great classical mash is the Kronos Quartet and the Iraqi singer Ljova on the track Oh Mother the Handsome Man Tortures Me (with all its political implications intact)on their album Floodplain