Thursday, June 5, 2008

Justin Currie PLUS Rob Dickinson — Wow!

I descend upon Los Angeles this Saturday just in time to hear [get this] Rob Dickinson [June 10 at The Viper Room] followed by Justin Currie [June 11 at Largo]! I expect Peter to be singing with both guys, but I'm really there for the duo with Justin. [If you're in LA you can always join us, you know.]

On top of this huge musical treat Peter says I'll probably have to take in a rehearsal earlier in the week because a couple of friends [Butch Norton & David Sutton] will be joining Justin and him for part of the show at Largo. Tsk. Tsk. Sure hope I can endure it.

Part of the fun will be checking out the clubs.

As we pass under the purple awning at The Viper will the ghost of River Phoenix rise from the sidewalk where he died
[Halloween,1993]? How about the steam of Mick Jagger and Uma Thurman locked in embrace or the smoke from Ellen DeGeneres and Anne Heche lighting up? Oh, the nostalgia.... Maybe Bugsy Siegel will still be waving his rod around in the cloud of imagination gone wild. (Note to self: bring ear plugs...leave fantasy visions at home.)

Looking for Larry David at Club Largo will surely "Curb [my] Enthusiasm" — yeh, the club is billed as a comedy as well as music stop. But the music is really serious here (the words matter). Michael Penn, Rufus Wainwright, Jon Brion — now that's a musical tradition to live up to, isn't it? It's going to be tough leaving this place.

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Anonymous said...

very envious you had the chance to see justin again last night - what a treat it is to see him in this format - that lovely voice fronting those lovely songs in an acoustic setting. hoping and praying it continues.

hope you had a great show! : )