Thursday, May 8, 2008

If I Ever Loved You — Justin Currie

As you can see, Peter and Justin had a great time on their tour across the country and northern Europe, but now its just about over — for awhile anyway. Hopefully they'll play around LA while they rest up. Peter has a film score to get back to, but I'm sure that won't keep him in the house if Justin wants to play. Will he be just 'too busy' when it comes time to jet off to record at London's Abbey Road Studios? [What do you think?]

I hear the title track on Justin's new release, "What is love for?", playing on my supermarket's speakers. It feels really weird trying to take in such heart felt thoughts while shopping for peanut butter and crackers.

My own fave is "If I ever loved you". I guess I could image writing something like this in response to my own sometimes strange apprehensions of life:

I try to figure what has gone
I seem to look the same
Maybe there's a tightness around my eyes

Sometimes the evening comes

I think I miss someone
And then I realise

That, if I ever loved you, shouldn't I be crying?

Shouldn't I be cracking up

And drinking all the time?

Yeah, if I ever loved you, how come I feel alright
How come the nights are so easy

And the mornings look so bright?

When I hear Justin sing this, I don't hear him questioning his love for 'her'. He believes that he did love her. His question is about his own reactions: "Why am I not crying? Why am I not cracking up? I'm taking this loss in stride — what is going on in me?" The singer is discovering something about himself that he didn't know before the break-up and is confused about who he really is as a result. He accuses himself of not being conventional in his emotions.

No wonder the song is interesting; not just your usual pop fare.


Anonymous said...

What a lovely blog you've got here... Just wanted to say that the photo on this post was taken (by me!) at London's Bush Hall last march... Yeah, they did have a great time playing together!!!
Cheers, Cris

Welcome said...

I'm sorry to have to say that my London relatives whimped out at dealing with the traffic to take in the Bush Hall show. Glad you were there.

I would have happily credited your photo had I known you took it. My own hand is too shaky to take good shots, so you'll see that my pic from the Largo show is tiny — hoping you won't notice how bad it really is.

Anonymous said...

Ooohh, it doesn't look that bad, really! It's just difficult to take nice shots at gigs when the light conditions are limited... No need to worry about the credit at all, I'm just happy that you post it here!