Friday, February 15, 2008

Mostly along The Charles — Waltham Winter


And ready for Khidr* the green ancient, my interior
tastily decorated with empty
wine bottles, a stack of four inflated truck

innertubes with Christmas lights dangled down inside,
two bags of Portland cement
turned too hard anymore to use, two two-gallon

kerosene containers, a plastic bottle of bubble-making
juice, and a package of
hummingbird food waiting for March.

— Coleman Barks, Tentmaking, 2001

*The Green One (of Sufi and pre-Islamic lore) is an emissary of the G_d, full of the eternal liveliness and freshness of wisdom ‘drawn out of the living sources of life.’ See Perhaps Al-Khidr is connected to the Green Knight of Arthurian lore? How does the Celtic Green Man's earthy nature parallel these visions?

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